Never Forget Friendship

November 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I am implementing a new feature on my blog. Each month I hope to feature a new person or family who has touched my life in a positive way, made me a better person, believed in me. This month I'm featuring the Bertison Family.

When I was first starting out in my photography business, I had no confidence in myself. I had no idea what kind of photography I really wanted to do. At the time I wanted to try photographing newborns because it was really becoming a trend and I loved the beauty of newborns. I asked my daughter to refer some of her friends that might be interested in having their newborn photographed. She sent Allison to me. She came to me on a very warm July morning with her sister and baby Lilly in tow and for nearly 4 hours we tried everything to get this baby to go to sleep. I was beginning to sense the frustration and exhaustion of this new mother and I was close to tears myself. Lilly finally fell asleep and we got busy with our session. That was the beginning of a friendship. I think I photographed Lilly every three months and when she started walking she would cry because she hated the feeling of grass on her feet from the outdoor shoots. In between alligator tears, we always managed to get some great shots.

Nearly three years later, along came Carter and man, I fell in love with this little guy! Chunky, cute and gorgeous eyes with the cutest smile ever! He hasn't exactly fallen in love with my camera yet but I'm not worried at all. He'll warm up someday.

What do I love about this family? Their love for each other and their kids. Nearly every day I find a post on Instagram of their kids with comments about how much they love those kids! Allison is one of the most devoted mothers I've ever met. She manages to keep a household going, working outside the home and she is a marathon runner! I'm in love with the love this family has for each other.

What else do I love? They have stuck by me. When I decided to transition from shoot and burn to selling prints, they continued to use me as their photographer. Whenever I feel doubt creeping in, I remind myself of this beautiful family that always tells me I am their favorite photographer. That means the world to me!

A few weeks ago I did their family portraits and it was such a fun session! Their daughter Lilly was the star of the show! At one point, Carter got a little fussy so Allison and Joe walked around with him to settle him down, and Lilly decided to hang out with me. I decided to get her to pose for me. "Can you be a model?" to which she replied "Yes!" They ended up being the cutest pictures of the day!

So feel free to browse through the Families section and take a peek at this beautiful family. They are also featured on my Home page. I hope you enjoy and I'll see you soon!




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